Blog Writing (how you feel when you write)

Writing is more than you share your feelings, you share your skill of writing, you show the people how you feel, you share your sense of humor in that and….

Writing is actually is not a professional job you have to do…it’s just a kind of talent to someone. Some people enjoy to read that. And here we come to blog writing as nowadays i am writing my blog, first of all really i don’t know what to write  but then when i chose a topic and i think about it i feel it very hard to write something about it but then when i start writing that then i go and go and then i see that it is300 word or more. But in the first days of blog it was not more that 200 or 150 word. because i said when you write some thing you enjoy. and that is what i feel. with practice you improve your writing skills..and maybe one year later then see my older posts and compare it with new ones, then you’ll know.

One thing you should know about blog writing, keep writing and it controls your traffic i mean (audience) and one more thing important i said you improve your writing skills..with new posts you will learn more cool words and you will add them in your posts, that is what i did.  And also with new posts you think of everything because you must chose one thing to write.

Maybe for someone blog writing might be hard, but believe me it will be easy, cause i have tried it. Start blog writing now and NOW!!! If you want to be a good writer and AUTHOR!!

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