Dickens DreamReading books…is also my favorite thing to do.. books are guidance, Friend, and really a cool thing you should know. Books guide you through every thing in life. And prepare your mind to cope with anything that life throws at you.  Books are your friends because, books can make you feel happy, can make you laugh, can give you idea, can talk to you by words, never gets you sad about anything….and so on.

Books are also a travel tour when you want to go anywhere. Books are containing information which will help you understand more in life. Writing books is a nice work, because when you write a novel and then people read that and enjoy that, then you feel happy and enjoyed. Authors spends hundreds and maybe thousands of hours writing this kinds of books…because when you write you enjoy to write, but if you don’t enjoy why you do it, i think it from my way.

Books are for anybody’s age  : Kids, Children s, Adults, and the list goes on..

Books which guide you are so much books…for example: A business man want to become very successful in his business, he don’t have an idea and then he goes to book store and finds a book ( A successful way to business and etc..) then he reads it and now he have  an idea about some thing to start a business and become successful in that. And when he really becomes successful he is reminded of that book he bought from a book store.

Books show you the way how to play a music any kinds of it you want..( Be updated about Compare of Musics cause this is because of that). And makes sure you learn it, with any way.

Books have fun you can enjoy, some games , and really some nice drawings and paintings.

People write their own biography on books that people enjoy that….ok calm down, how much i say it is not enough for a book. So Books guides you through your life with every thing.

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