Drawing ART

Drawing is my favorite thing after Diary writing..Drawing is classic, is old, is modern, is every thing you can imagine. Every thing you can imagine you can bring that image from your mind on a piece of paper. Drawing doesn’t need any professional learning, just like me when i was a kid i used to draw some simple animals (which some of it was not correct) but i tried and tried….until now i really know what is 6b, 5b,4b,3b,2b, HB…

Drawing is showing your talent in it..Drawing is showing your feelings about something that you like, with drawing you can become famous and then people call you artist. Some times you can use Drawing as your diary, everyday you can draw a picture and put it in a note book and write the date above it, it is your diary.

People like Picasso are very famous and earn their respect by this kinds of Paintings.

Drawings are very different some draw nature, some draw faces, some draw beauty, some….and the list goes on. Now Mona Lisa is very amazing painting which was done by Leonardo DA Vince.

People now sell those drawings , and get a lot of money from that..and it is the point, drawing is a job. Drawing is so cool, it  gives you happiness and maybe sometimes sadness too. Just simply for me drawing is everything

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