Fantasy Legend-Part I

Usually the story with the once upon the time.

Once upon a time there lived a king who ruled a prosperous and happy land. This land was known as legendary monster. This was named by one of the king who ruled a land of spirits. When he conquered this land he saw a spirit which its shape was like monster. Then he names this land legendary monster.

Years later in a shiny day, king woke up and also king had a servant which his name was Jafar. Then king said to his servant to don’t let anybody to enter the bathroom. When king entered the bath room. His servant wait for minutes but the king did not get out. There was also queen and her name was Jasmine. The queen knocked the door but the king did not answered and then when queen entered the bath room she did not see the king. And anybody could not answer that what happened to king. The entire city was thinking that what happened to king and suddenly. After that the servants came to see how the king disappeared and they began to search after it. After a few hours they found the king’s marriage ring in the sink. And also they find a magic mirror and it had similarity with another mirror which was the real mirror. The queen had replaced the magic mirror with another mirror. This magic mirror was doing everything that queen was saying to him. The queen wanted the kingdom. And the king when washed his face he saw at the mirror and when he saw at the mirror his face was melting and began to disappear its face. And then the servants knew that what was the reason for disappearing of king. They finally knew that it was a magic mirror. But they don’t know it was by whom person. And it was plot of whom person. To kill the king by this plan.

One thought on “Fantasy Legend-Part I

  1. Nice one, it reminded me of my childhood when my grandma used to tell me this kind of stories during night. Thanks for the post

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