Old School Days…..i miss those days

The first day i went to school was in Pakistan i was about 7 years old…i had no idea what kind of place was that…i was just looking around too much, I made every one in my class friends..The teachers were speaking Urdo so it was hard for me cause i didn’t speak the Urdo language..one day teacher asked about home work so  i was telling my classmate that he should take it to teacher he said: you should do it yourself…and so i learned by practicing the language in school..It was my First year of School

Then one year later i changed my school The name was Maktab Lessa Aali Esmat…That is right the name was mine…I still remember the walls and board of School written the name the halls and playground and the canteen..and some parts of our class…and also the nice teacher i had there..from grade 1 up to 3rd grade i was in First Position..

I still remember the Dari book one of the nice poems in class 2 or 3rd Man Abb Rawan Hastam Man Rahat Jaan Hastam and the Mouse and the basket of Flour. Moshe wa qandoya ard.

The maths was also easy Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Division..and i really liked that..

I was good in all subjects really, especially in Dari (Persian Literature).. Every time when my dad was home we were studying all subjects 5 or 10 pages future, before my teacher would teach me.. the Second year was a little harder but for me as i was studying before in home by help of my dad or my self.. And more will be written

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