The Country I am Living

The country i am living used to have a clean weather and river, The country i am living used to have beautiful trees and streets and there was this Arghawan flowers in Kabul mountains. When there was no hill side houses. Some old man told me when he was my age he used to have a basket and then go to those mountains and collect those beautiful Arghawans. He told me that there was only about 100000  peoples living i Kabul and it was so clean and now it is 5 million people…oh god i wish i could be like there for half-hour to search that Kabul and every where. And the river was so clean that it was like really blue. And we say that in Dari (KHOROSHAN) it means fast and lots of water going.

There was no such a thing like today’s traffic and lot’s of car. Only maybe about 1000 or less believe me i saw some pictures and like wow there was no pollution. And now when you stand on some hill or in Darulaman top hills and then you see around it, it is so dusty and polluted. And so that is why now i am working for Global Warming and Climate Change issues. And there was no such a thing like nowadays when you go to Bazzar or central city you are just going to be crazy because of this all kinds of sounds (Musics all around playing, Car horns all around, People shouting, and so on…) this is called Sound Pollution. Remember this we can make this all work, don’t take this as a we are like this and we will be like this.( No not like this) we can  do change this all. But if you want, Each one of you counts with one doing the right thing the other will have good confidence and will do that thing.

The country i am living which some of the people dare to visit for some security reasons. But when this ugly war is over, i am sure it will be a top touristic place for everyone.

Kabul was famous because in some poems it was mentioned bu its beautiful flowers. For example : Kunduz for its melon and rice and Jalalabad for it’s mouth watering cane…..and so on

There are places very authentic and old. And there is some old kinds of houses in MORAD KHANI near city old and real Kabul people used to live there and all of the house were made and decorated bu old fashioned wood works and now they are stabilized because to remain as they are ( thank god they are not destroyed). And so many other places. Recently i have been in BAGE BABOR (QUEENS PALACE) it is simply spectacular and magnificent.

What i tell you. Afghanistan is the coolest and historic place in the world.

and more will be written be updated…!Electric Buses

4 thoughts on “The Country I am Living

  1. beautiful piece…you took me right back to about 20 years ago when i was 4-5 years old…i remember the Khoroshan Kabul River…one day I was coming back from school or somewhere with dad and I was so scared to cross the pedestrian bridge over the Kabul river somewhere…maybe it was in a crowded part of the city with vendors all over the bridge…keep writing my friendak!

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