Writing With Fountain Pen- Part-II

Sitting  in a corner and thinking about past and future and everything that you can  find in your mind that amazes you and you can really enjoy that. And have a sip of that delicious  tea…And see that beautiful view of a gorgeous day. Sun rays upon the green earth and all the beautiful flowers around the corner of yard shines and smiles..

But you are still writing that thing what you have in mind with that fountain pen…you never get tired when you write with your own courage..you write what you have in your heart and sometimes you can read them as a diary or as a  journal.

Great writers also start from this point of below…up to the point of success, that is when thousands and thousands of people read your book..and i might add in your heart it is called masterpiece.

ok where  were we…yes that moment of writing with beautiful fountain pen…..

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