Not getting the right position

just after one week i will get my result sheet and the reason i am not really happy that all year and all the four months you spent bringing your homework, coming to school with great idea, working hard and……but then when there is exam just somebody brings a book to class and complete his paper with it and no teacher says why and don’t do that or what?…….

I mean you work hard all exam nights and somebody that doesn’t work hard complete’s his paper with all the cheating skill he got. But i am sure they will suffer very badly something very important and that is when they finish school they will know nothing…..You maybe say that they cheat just only one question no for cry out loud sake they cheat the whole paper and why is that because teachers let them you can’t believe that and when you look at them they just smiles at you…..some students get angry i mean the good students and they sometimes tear their paper and go out of class. This year i am sure no body is going to get their real position at class.

Just i am so mad about this thing……Just I Ask For Help Of ALLAH!!!!

5 thoughts on “Not getting the right position

  1. It must be so annoying Esmat jan, but I’m sure you are doing the right thing by doing your homeworks and studying hard. The position doesn’t really matter that much. you will be no#1 in real life 🙂

    • Yes it is annoying because it is a matter of Hardworking, and those who get to some point with cheating must be ashamed of themselves because they should say this to themselves i did not know this so i asked another one i mean they should be like i was not qualified for this subject so i cheated……any way yes you are right position does’nt matter at all…Exam is for testing your self how much you learned at this time…so i don’t care about that much. But thanks a lot

  2. Don’t worry Esmat jan at all, especially when you and your classmates know that who the real position holder is! And, at the end of the day what really matters is how much you have learned and how much you know, not what position you got in your class.

  3. I agree with you kidwithgreatestamitions…dont worry about results…i know what they are doing is not fair. But as you said once they leave school that is the real exam.
    In one of my classes maybe 5-6th grade they made 17th from 2nd position…i was pretty disappointed. But I moved on and did my work and study even more. you can ask about this from Dad.

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