Tourist Places and the most cool places i want to visit in my country…

When i was 9 or 10 years old i visited Band-e-Amir in Bamyan…..i did not know very much about that but it looked very normal to me just some water inside a dam. But now i know the beauty of that and clearness of its water…just when i look at some of the pictures and then i say wow. But i miss that place and i want to visit that again some times when i had some holiday and there some piece of security.

There this another place called Haje-Peyada (Pilgram travel with foot) which is located in Balkh…It is amazing work of ancient art exactly Islamic. I love it’s huge walls and i did not know that in ancient Islamic art how this  amazing houses were build. But the walls are damaged and there is no roof, i don’t know that it was damaged during war or the roof was too old that it collapsed, anyway but now it is covered with metal hanger. I heard this amazing tale that they say a man planed to visit Haj in Saudi Arabia in plan to Pilgrim. And that traveled all they way from BALKH province to Saudi Arabia and then he traveled again and again all years and he completed 20 years that he visited Haj with foot.

And another Magnificent place that is in Samangan Province the name is Takht-e-Rostam. (Palace of Rostam), It is said in many talesthat Rostam traveled from Iran to Samangan province to conquer this land but then he met a beautiful princess daughter of King Of Samangan. Then he married. Some people say that Rostam and his son Sohrab did not exist in reality that it was just a Fairy Tale or Myth. Because a man with that kind of power could not exist in reality. But there is a Queen’s palace inside that hill  really you can’t believe that but when you see that you could not believe your eyes. There is a hill and inside that Queen Palace is Carved. Inside when you go deeper there is a Great Hall and when you look up high enough there is a hole from that place there is sun coming shining and it hits Queen’s sitting place. Amazing.

And King’s Palace is not so much beautiful but nice one there is a massive rock around that is carved to fill water that when enemy’s come the throw away the ladder and then enemy’s can’t reach the King But there is way to go down that carvings and it is amazing.

You know from my mind of idea you will never find a historic place like Afghanistan except some other country’s like India or China or some Old Europe country’s but Afghanistan is another kind of place you will ever find.

This was just in my mind for now but there is more places like Silk Road, Buddha Statues………..

I just hope that there will be some peace in my country and there will be a lot of Tourists coming to our country.

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