Australia Tour 2010

Morning 10 or about that times got out of home and reached airport. Lunch time i mean 12 or 1 pm was in Dubai International airport or you may say DXB we reserved a first class lounge not joking it was first class :). I was so tired and thinking how i could spend 6 hours of flight to Australia from Qatar. Any way we reserved that for about 3 or 4 hours then we were inside halls of Dubai International airport looking here there any going downstairs to look at those booksellers, perfumes, electronics……one thing i should tell you about Dubai Airport is that you find any brand from every place of the world and i think they are very cheap  because they are Duty free.

I think we spent 2 hours going here there but we bought a nice cannon digital camera with 14 mega pixals and 18 GB space it was cheap it costed 450 or that much compared to Kabul electronic shops. Okay now we were going to find that terminal that was to go to Qatar International Airport. It was about 1and half hour so it was so near. But because Dubai International Airport is so busy they want Qatar International Airport to be like that. But believe me you don’t want to go there for a trip. It is not so much nice first it is not so big for that much people so exactly take your flight away from Qatar International Airport and secondly i have to tell you the service is very low because we got into a food court and there was no space for that. It is waste of time. I was so tired and so much…..oh let me tell you something first at Kabul they refused to let us go to Australia telling us your visa is not real they see everything plain in front of them self and they just ignore that why?? mater of hate mater of ethnicity or what??? Then when i was in Dubai after going to terminals they did not let me to pass only me the others were able to go but i was not able to go because there was some problem with the system….it is funny because when we asked why i was not let to travel they say it is a problem with the system and again and again…..

Any way we got to our plane for Australia and it was Qatar Airlines the service was nice first when i got down from bus and then when i looked on that plane it was so big and huge…So then i got a sigh of relief. But now we started a real journey to Australia, that plane had three rows and each part of that seat had 2 seats you know what i mean. There was a mini TV for every one so and there was a digital channel showing how much time is left and showing the complete map circling the was to Melbourne, Australia. Our plane was to go to Melbourne to visit some of our Friends and relatives like my brother and my Uncle and others. So i think it was nice plan. When you travel you will know how hard it is to do every thing when you are tired…So we reached Australia’s International Airport…i was afraid of those one dogs which is checking the drugs and those food things or others but i remembered that my sister had two apples in his bag pack. So when we passed the passport checking then our luggage were x-ray-ed and then that man said to open your bag pack then he saw that apple then he said that i should have charged this for you but not this time. okay. then we got out of the Melbourne international airport i was so cheerful and happy i suddenly run for my brother and also there was Uncle and her wife and his daughter Sanam and my brother’s friend. We got to parking and then my brother said that set in front of the car i was shocked they say sometimes in Kabul don’t set in front of car until you are 15 or older then that. So now we were going to Dandenong a place mostly filled with Afghans, And others. So that night it is 11 or more than that we reached to my uncle’s house.

Next day morning i went to Dandenong Public library and signed up and got two books….but then i thinked i came here not for reading but for learning everything and having some fun…!

So after some ten days we planned for Sydney, we booked tickets and the airline was Virgin,  the airline was not so nice but good for a travel from one city to another. So we reached Sydney in Dawn there was Mr. Tahiri and that night there was lot of people welcoming us and there was huge Afghani meal we had. That later night i had planned what should i see in Sydney i listed some famous places and one was Tronga Zoo. Next day we got into ship and went to Tronga Zoo. It was a Huge zoo including most of the animals. We spent our full day at that zoo seeing most of the animals but as i said that zoo was too much big i did not complete that.

So next day we planned for Darling harbor bridge and seeing around of the town like Opera House, that day there was still some drops of rain after seeing Opera house we planed to go to Darling Harbor to walk. When we were in bridge there was serious raining my dad and Mr. Tahiri were in Middle if they came back they would be washed with rain and if they reached the end of the bridge they would be washed so they had no choice but we stand in one of the Arc’s, and when raining was over we walked down the bridge. Let me tell you something about Darling harbor bridge, some people say if you did not see that bridge you did not have seen Sydney and have not seen Sydney you have not seen Australia and if you have not seen Australia you have not Seen World!!! that is a bit funny.

By the end of the day i was completely washed and tired i had no strength for moving so we got to McDonald and had a Filto-fish or whatever….

Next day we planned for Three sisters which i most wanted to visit. Morning we planned for Three sisters and we drove for that…We reached Three sisters by midday and it was a little cold i remember it was too cold. There was a path way down to the three sisters. We all got down a little bit but others told don’t go down it is dangerous but i said it is a life time opportunity so then my dad with Mr.Tahiri got upstairs with other but me with my brother and Mr.Tahiri’s son got downstairs. It was about 1000 stairs that we got down and then there was beautiful natural water fall i have never seen a natural waterfall. And then we have to hurry because if the bus that goes up will leave in half-hour so but luckily we reached and got into bus but so much tired but a nice short adventure it was nice.

Next day we my dad and my brother planned for Brisbane a city that i got an award. We booked three tickets and the airline and again the Virgin fly. So we reached Brisbane in Midday…but sadly forgot my phone in Sydney or maybe in Plane it was a simple Nokia cellphone. So now there was Mr.Karimy to pick us from airport. So when we were on way to his home he showed all famous and nice places on the way.

That night we were staying at Brisbane in Ambasidor guest house. Next day we went for Queensland museum it was nice because i have seen there one of the Giant Dinosaurs skeleton and may historic things like old planes and other things.

And by End of that day we were invited to a book lunch opening ceremony. And the book was including Hazaragi proverb and dialog s. Then by the end of the show there was a competition for everyone to win a prize. And it was that to say too many Hazaragi proverbs and one told 7 and one told 8 and and i told 8 so i won one of the prizes. It was nice 🙂 .

After that the next day we were in Melbourne back and planned for  Great Ocean Road which is very famous and nice because a road that is circling around the ocean. And plus we booked a nice house. By dawn we reached that house and we did a Barbecue at there which was tasty and believe my uncle cooks the best chicken kebab. By end of Barbecue i had nice bath sitting there for a hour in bath and then having a glass of tea sitting in front of open fire. It was night to remember. Then next day we went to see ocean road from a chopper (helicopter) i was excited because it was first time for me to sit in chopper. It was fantastic you can see the photo in Facebook album: Australia 2010.

Well there is a lot to say from my trip but this was some amazing parts that i mentioned in my blog.


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