Social Networks (Facebook,Twitter,Myspace, and newly GOOGLE+)

You know why i said only Facebook,twitter, Myspace,Google+ in the tittle because they rock to people, others like hi5 or tagged or LinkedIn or others……they really are waste of time to go there. Or maybe i don’t know. So anyway we start with Facebook a place to share every thing  feelings, happiness, sadness, ideas, thinking……with this modern world nowadays anything is possible first there was not this wide connection of internet and this kinds of social networks. But now you can connect with you friends and relatives just in moment when you have internet connection. For example; lets say i have Skype and want to call my brother that is easy and cheap because i can call him on phone plus also i can have video chat for cheap amount of money. According to Wikipedia and other people’s information the Facebook launched at 2004 exactly at 4 Feb. When this genius guy named Mark Zuckerberg was at Harvard College and launched this cool thing form his Harvard dorm room. First Facebook was not so public that nowadays Facebook is but it more like personal it was first for Harvard University then the persons could make Facebook that their email address had .edu at end. But when this worked enough this Facebook thing got world wide, and no limitation for who should enter this club.  And for it’s design i don’t know much about it because i have joined in 2009 and that times the picture was in middle and for pages there was become a fan button and there was no like comments just i remember that.

And for MYSPACE, My____ was launched in August 2003 according to Wikipedia information. And i think Myspace don’t have like much privacy then facebook because i just opened a page of ones and there this most of his information was viewed. So from my side i don’t like my space. By the way it has 30 million users just up to June 2011. And the founder is Tom Anderson. But even before The Facebook, Myspace was launched one year before The Facebook. But still the Facebook has more users then Myspace.

Twitter a place where verification is only for celebrity people. You know Facebook has only one thing missing that is verification system, because you don’t now who celebrity is real but some them are shown real but some of them are not so much trust worthy. So i thing that is missing. Twitter was founded in 15 July 2006 according to Wikipedia information. And have 200 million users, well that is good because Twitter is more than like My space. Twitter is good for many famous peoples because there is a unique verification system. You fill a farm including who are you, what do you do, and where do you live and so on some personal information about your self. Why it is good for famous people to be verified because other people who are fans will connect with insurance. There is follow button just there is sending friend request in Facebook. But sometimes you can set a privacy like send him a following request when some stranger opens your Page. But have experienced nothing like Facebook have privacy. And the founder of Twitter is Jack Dorsey.

And about this Google Plus. Just 42 days ago it mean that was created 28 June 2011. Well it is newly created social network. And for now the registration system is invitation system and only those guys can have it that have a G mail account. And some people say that this Google+ is having strong privacy…and other cool stuff like hangout and sparks and others that can compete with Facebook. Well i say it will not happen. Because Facebook have solid construction, and many more cool applications that Google+ doesn’t have.

Well let’s see what happens to them……

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