Space Pollution

Like many other pollution ( Air, Sound,Water……) there is this thing called Space Pollution which i mean is not air if you think of that. What i mean by that is that all of this satellites and other Artificial things which are not useful are in Space. And you may call that also Space Junk. Some source said that there is 2000 satellites are 900 of them are active and others are just inactive and junk and about 400 of them is from united states of america. And the second is China. And the third is Russia. There are countries which share most of there satellites with other countries but USA is Having 400. I mean there are countries which share only one satellites. Once a satellite send to space they can’t come back because there is no gravity in space and they are turning around as a junk. Some useful is  good to be in space but some which are not useful and inactive is just piece of junks.

Just wanted to introduce you guys with this issue. If you want more information go and Google that or search that in Wikipedia. Thanks

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