Afghan Children In Mouth Of Dragon!!!

Many Afghan children everyday works to just have 2$ dollars, In Streets, Washing cars, selling plastic bags, selling many things like cigarettes and gums and so on…They are mostly 5 years old to 16 or more than that. According to Afghanistan’s national rules, 14 years old children are allowed to work weekly not more than 35 hours. But because of 30 years war and also because  some children are only  in the family that brings the money, So this national rule is not applied of them. And now there are many storage’s of coal and other mineral storage’s which before this rule small children worked in large coal mines. Now the minister of Mines is having the rule that every worker should be at least 18.

From the time that Wahid Ullah Sharani became the minister of mines (winter of 2010). The first plan of minister was to have plan for good business in Ministry of Mines and improve business in that ministry. Wahid ullah Sahrani also registered Afghanistan as candidate in EITI. Sahrani also is very hopeful that Afghanistan should be a member of this organization up to April 2012.

Afghanistan’s is full of variety of mines is as important role for success for future of this country. But researchers say that use of these mines take 10’s of years to take this mines out to ground, for example: A matter of security in some dangerous provinces, and also because of this bad situation no business man dares to come and have business in those areas.

But moreover this situation , Afghanistan’s mine (Ainak) which is located in Logar province has given to two Chinese companies, Ainak mine is the second most largest copper source in world and first in quality.

Hopefully Sahrani will give another biggest mine of Afghanistan to another foreign company up to November this year.  Hajigak mine which is said that is biggest ground iron mine in Asia, which is  located between Bamyan province, Parwan province, and Mydan Wardak province.

The increase of Children work in Afghanistan, which is researched by The Independent Commission of Human Rights and also Save Children (Afghanistan) says that now there is 200 children that works in coal mine of Bamyan province.

Afghanistan is one of the country’s that suffer from most of poverty. And half of the population of this country is children. And a one part from a quarter of afghan children before age of 5 dies.

Independent commission of human rights discovered that a number of these children is working in mines that is also established by government. But minister of mines of Afghanistan said that: they are not large number of children, Sharani also said that: 30 years war in Afghanistan made people to let their children work in mines, He also said that: 30 years was also hard days for afghan people.

American society of Researchers for Geo said that:  Afghanistan have lots of mines and mostly coal mines which is some of them are also located  far and unreachable areas.

Research of American society of Researchers for Geo also said that : These large coal mines can be used for to run small factory’s for example: produce of Cement.

From other hand, in Afghanistan: Children labor is not down. Afghanistan Government says that a number of 1,2 million afghan children is busy everyday hours working. But a report of Independent Commission of Human Rights which published in 2010, says that: That a number of 15 million afghan kids are some kind busy with long jobs.

Children which are working in many coal mines are also having threats with there life which having : cancer and other problem with their breathing system.

I translated this news from a news paper which is i found this issue important.

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