Imagination Is all About What you Feel Inside

I am writing when there is something in my heart when there some thing in my Imagination. Most of the posts which i write is by Imagination like: writing with fountain pen series (I,II,III) and there will be IV part which all of you guys must be ready and must give your ideas. Great painters which paint any thing first they imagine and then they put them in a paper by painting. You can never have fun or enjoy your work if you don’t like it or you don’t have feelings for that. In my feeling i like the feeling of Poetry and feeling of Writing which i say to them Poet feeling (احساس شاعرانه). Some people say to me your imagination is very great and sometimes so much realistic. Right now what i feel is My country’s independence day I mean Afghanistan Independence day 1919/Aug/19. Because tomorrow  is the day that we got our freedom. That we proved this is our country, and we have rights to say this. Afghanistan is a strange and different country is what i say in mind. I mean look some times………….So Imagination is what you feel inside. And be ready for Writing With Fountain Pen (IV)(4)

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