Writing With Fountain Pen On top Cliffs of Himalayas

Writing With fountain pen part III

I have traveled a long way which I discovered very difficulties in life when I traveled this long way. I am on a journey with myself that I should travel Himalayas alone with myself and it is winter season I have no choice and I am in middle of journey. I don’t know how people let me to travel this long way from Hindu-Kush mountains. Now I have reached the top of the cliff where I see all above the Himalayas there is no one with me but myself and my Backpack which is including: a container of water, a sharp knife, and match( not more then 5 sticks left) with some frozen tuna, my diary and a fountain pen.

I still have a long journey to go with myself I must pass all the Himalayas which is I am not afraid to do that. My time shows that it is around 4 pm in Kabul.  But now here it is dawn I can’t go any further because there is a lot risk to take here. I think I have traveled a kilometer from start of day. Now I have to find a place to rest and start my journey exactly another cliff. I still have my diary it is very old I try to keep my diary’s together so I can’t lose them. I have attached both of them. I can’t feel my foots…they are freezing, but when I traveled this journey I am going to be a famous person. Good night diary.

This is another day and it is just morning the sun is up and I am seeing it from cliff of mountain. I wish I had a camera and took a photo shot of this amazing scene. My hands are completely red and at some parts I can’t feel them. I wish I had a IM messaging system that I could chat with my friend in London. Now I have started my journey packing all the things which was in my backpack I can’t afford to lose any of those things which is in my backpack they are precious to me at this time. Just another climbing and I am in top of Himalayas but here it is a stormy snow blow……. I failed to climb to top of it 3 or 4 times once cut my palm of hand. There when I was a kid I said always that I want to climb to top of Himalayas and now I am.
Whew now there I have to find a path way leading to Tibet. I know  I can’t climb down from top to end with a single day. But I will try to….What most I am scared of this moments is that of Avalanche. When I was a kid I said what is snow a combination of some wool. Which that was the reason for me that why snow of so soft. But when I heard of Avalanches and how many people were killed I was then scared of that. But now I am in that moment. God what should I do there will be no more ink in my bottle but there is a little amount of it. When I reached Tibet I am going to buy some nice ink. Still I don’t have money; I will trade that with my watch or something like my golden ring in my neck. Now that is worth a lot of money but I don’t have other choices to make here.  

Some nights I sleep early on my backpack as my pillow some nights I think what would happen to my journey….Some nights when there is clear air I look at the moon and see how God created things so much with beauty.

Today when I woke up it was not the same freezing cold but cold. I feel hungry last night I ate my second tuna and now there is only left 3 tuna and now I am eating one still it is frozen. But I will feel warm and have some energy to start the day with.

Now there is only ha way to go down my rope is less and I should find different ways for a cliff to put my feet above it. And I can’t take it any longer on these cliffs of some place in a mountain it is freezing cold and there will be no food for me after a day. So I should better start moving fast, but I should not panic. It is like this if you made a mistake here you cannot take it back to yourself. Oh and I should tell you this I talk and write to much.. With that I know I have less ink.

Now I can see ground not too far…Oh God I feel so scared and lonely….

By the end of the day I must be in Ground.

Now it is dark and when there is a scary feeling for me I think of my memories in Australia and UK…..Well what I tell you, you should travel to wild Australia it is my favorites. Good night and by the way I am in Ground sleeping and having a tent. Tent you must know I didn’t brought any tent here. I found a Parachute in ground hidden under some frozen snow. That is a help for me now.

Today with some fresh start.

I have a map that shows me Lhasa (capital of Tibet) is not so far from place that I am standing right now it is 15 kilometers far. I can walk up to 7 kilometers today I think but I am not sure. What is my next object: to reach Lhasa and meet some holy man and ask for some help of food and other things. My final purpose is that to reach somewhere near territory of China, of course after I have reached Lhasa. The sky is so blue and clear. Now I remember the song that was saying (What a wonderful world) by Louis Armstrong. Now I am singing that just as I am walking and cleaning my way from snow. One thing I like the most in my journey is that I have a nice shoes which if you walk under snow there will be no snow to reach inside of your shoes. I have never experienced such amount of snow…not even in Hindu-Kush. Himalayas is beautiful when it is summer, When there is a cool breeze and soft wind passing from your face. Now I am sitting on ground and writing my diary. Now maybe I have traveled some 7 kilometers. If this is going to be in this way I am going to do it by the end of day. I mean I can reach Lhasa.

Now I see Potala palace the high one on hill. I am so happy and also so much tired.  

8 thoughts on “Writing With Fountain Pen On top Cliffs of Himalayas

  1. This is one of the most amazing things I have read in very recent times. It is beautiful and you have such a beautiful power to imagine and put it in words!
    Keep it up my friend. You will write the fiction of the century!

    • Thanks Mr. Jz it is your kindness. Yeah i love himalayas and i want to visit them some time, that is why i imagined the journey from my mind and said to my self, why i don’t write it. then i started writing the story in my mind. Yes and i will keep writing like this stories

  2. Such a wonderful and impressive piece! It takes the reader virtually in the places the writer is imagining about! Keep up Esmat jan! You will become a great writer/novelist one day, and I am sure about it!

  3. this is amazing esmat jan!..! very impressive.Mashallah you have got great writing skills, .keep d great job up my dost aziz!

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