What I Want To See Future In Afghanistan

Yesterday was Independence day of Afghanistan. I was so happy! But then i realized that we don’t  have real freedom here in our country. I also printed some paper to post them in streets but then i said to my self there will be no celebration for this kind of freedom. What i am sure is that this is not a freedom this is a Captured country and still it is some kind. What i want to see in the  future in Afghanistan is some real kind of Government which through eye of that Government i want to see a prosperous and really free  Afghanistan. There is such a system here : for example:  there is a ministry of Environment but it is by name that we really have a Ministry about Environment. Every year the minister of environment give a speech to press conference and then after that the whole year they are sleeping doing nothing. I have never heard that ministry of Environment cleaned the plastic bags from stores or once they cleaned…….But don’t be confused with Sharwali( i don’t know English name for that organ of government), Because Sharwali cleans streets and others.

There is still some places in Kabul which is not in map and are built by people. There is still Land Mafia system in Afghanistan which captures people’ land and say i will pay you 5 thousand Afs or nothing more than that. There is a lot to say. Don’t ask me about Ministry of Education…there is a lot to say about that too. But in the Positive side Afghanistan economic situation is under improvement. And saying that, Government doesn’t encourage them. There was Store called Dyra (circle) that was selling art stationary, i was a friend of them and also a recent customer, Every time i went there they were so happy but there was no other in the store i can say this that i was only recent customer for the store, The last time i visited them they said there is no customer to come to our store to buy something they said they will close there store if they see this kind of situation. Now they are closed and moved back to Iran. Because no one in here likes any thing that is good for them!! Now i must go to Share-now(New city) to just buy some drawing pencils. That is shame.

What i want to see in the future is that all these must be gone. I want to see trains, Trams, Metros, Bus, and other public transport system. There was this time that there was public transport system, which was electric bus and there was a lot of them circling Kabul city, and no need for every one to buy a car. Now there is cars that is cost only 60 thousand. That time there was pollution.

What i want to see in the future is that there must be all kinds of products made by Afghanistan. Now when you go to a super market there will be a lot of products by different countries of world, From Asia up to Africa and Europe and other Continents. The things that we send to other countries is Carpet, and some dried and fresh fruit and that is all that we send to other foreign countries.

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