Memories from Eid

You can find this photo originally in my flickr me tell something about Eid when i was young. The Eid had another delicious taste. Which in Eid sometimes we went Islamabad to visit my aunt. And all the way we had fun and by the way we stopped in some restaurants and had some food. I remember one Restaurant called (i don’t remember the name) that was Afghani and the food there was very great. Just you know Eid was so sweet for me.  I waked up so much early and went to wash my face and wear my new blue Perahan Tomban (a Afghani style cloth). Then went to someone’s home for a breakfast. And what was so much cool for me was EIDI (a cash gift given to young people in Eid days). Now i also get EIDI but, when i was young the taste was another kind. I don’t know but for me the Eid was very happy when i was young. I think the Eid is the same but just i am a teenager.

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