The Wildest Adventure In South Of Amazon (Writing With Fountain Pen Part IV)

Nobody has been here before. It is the first in the History of mankind that one is going to South of Amazon. I feel very Excited and very Courageous person. These Feelings are very rare for me in my life time. The World is just waiting for my press conference that all the media Is there. I am going with another person who is my old friend and his name is Krakhoski a Russian Friend. I must say this to you guys that when I was in my Himalayas adventures I realized I need a second man with me. Well I must say this also to you a man that is going to take care of me, help me when I am in danger. Like there is lion and I am in danger, then he should help me to get out of that position.

I am now in Washington D.C for this press conference. Tomorrow we will leave in Chopper (Helicopter) and start our Adventure. Krakhoski is a nice guy I met him 4 year ago in meeting with World Adventure Centre (WAC) he was gone on an adventure to explore under the oceans. That is why I chose him as my fellow man because Ocean is the most dangerous place in all kinds of adventures.

Because a man can survive from Ground there will be help for him. But in ocean alone you can’t save yourself, Even with 4 or 5 persons. This time I am not going to punish myself with terrible tuna I am going to take some canned Beef. Because Beef is a very good source of protein and also a good source of energy. Also a pistol shot for dangerous animals, a can of Water, and my back pack. There were other persons that did not survived from South Amazon Adventure.And every time that there was a news that a man has been there for exploring, but after few days they lost their contact and……..

But hopefully I will success in my Adventure. God Speed! Krakhoski came to me and said that we have confirmed our personal pilot and Helicopter. Also they said that they are going to put a chip to both of us that they will always be able to find our position. I thought to ignore this issue, but Krakhoski said if you are not happy with the tracking device (chip), he said then you begin this journey with yourself I am not coming with you. I said I am fine with that.  Will I think to myself that I am the bravest man of the world.

Now it is 11:18 I should sleep and start my day with some new adventure. Also I have new bottles of ink and a new pointy fountain pen (Pelican Fountain Pen) Morning 7 AM. I waked up this morning my bag packed and ready I am going to wear a nylon jeans and a Marcus shirt. That is cool! And my shoes is a Black Army shoes though I am not so much comfortable with them but it is very worth to wear them. And you know what Krakhoski wear he wears a black short and fancy shirt. That is pretty funny. I told him not to wear something like he is going somewhere on vacation.

But you know he will take care of him self. I hear shattering sound of Helicopter! And what ! Krakhoski said to pilot to be in front of The Apartment. God damn it! What? is he going on vacation?? I mean this is an official adventure. This is not something personal. Well I’ll give him a chance. I was planning this morning to go to World Adventure Center with my new BMW X5. But Krakhoski did his work. We will be landing in middle of South Amazon said: the pilot. He mean we will have our parachutes and will jump. Now I feel something scary. Because this is my first time jumping off a Helicopter. Now we have our chips inserted in hand. And I am not going to be lost. That is what I am very happy. The objective is to travel from South of Amazon to Brazil. That is a long way. And that is something near to impossible. I have my IPod NANO touch now that I am traveling to Amazon but I will put it away when I jumped from Helicopter, because no electronics.

I hope Krakhoski will not bring any electronics with him. Now we are out  territories of Washington. It is going to be 4 or 5 hours that we will reach our destination for jumping. So I am going to take a 2 hour nap then a jumping. OK time is up and jump time; our Adventure is going to start.

I am going to shout very loud Geronimo when jumping. That is what Rowan Atkinson did at Johnny English movie. There is another thing which I have heard about Amazon very recently that they say there is 300 unknown tribes living in Amazon. I am sure we will encounter at least one Tribe. Which World Adventure Centre have not known there language. But when I encountered one tribe I am going to speak French with them. Geronimo!!! Amazon I am coming to get you!!

When landing this man with me, was just enjoying and saying this is going to be great. But as I was landing I was very terrified and shouting very loud. Aahhhhhhhhhhh!

What I was also afraid too much is that it is was my first time landing from a Helicopter. And when looking down, my head was going very circle. And finally it now very near of Ground and we will be landing in a few minutes. My stop watch shows exactly 2 minutes for landing. Lucky me I am not landing on tree. When you look Amazon from sky it is very Green. Finally! I have landed and it is was quite successful and also a fun. Now it is 3’oclock and I should better find a shelter. Our real work will start tomorrow. Ok we need some woods for fire and also some leafy sticks for making some tent. And the place should not be near water because there will be some dangerous animals. Oh nearly forgot that : We need some other woods too because make them pointy and put them in front of our shelter. Ok I will collect some woods and Krakhoski should make them pointy and also I will collect some leafy woods and then we both will start to make a shelter. There was also a TV show called Ultimate Survival in Discovery Channel which I used to watch every episode of it when I was in Spain visiting a great Explorer named Travolta.

To Be Continued……..

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