What is Nature from my View?

originally uploaded by www.flickr,com/kidwithgreatambitionWhat is nature? To some it is a collection of things around them. For me nature is beauty, life, and everything, Blue sky, Tree leaves, Flowers, Green hills…….

When we see nature we are reminded of the Great power that created all these things. When we walk on top hills full of flowers and grass this relives our tensions and other worries.

Some day’s I think of painting and the nature is the best thing for me. I love to sit in a chair and front of me is the beautiful Niagara Falls. And paint it.

Nature remind us of our lives..How? A year have 4 seasons Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Spring is the new birth of life, Summer is the middle of life, Fall is the time when one is retired from work and anything else, Winter is the end of life.

I wrote this because I was inspired from a topic in my Dari Literature book.

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