Scared of The Situation

Today was the worst day that i have experienced living in Kabul. Several bomb attacks occurred in several places of Kabul City. And i was scared, though i was sitting beside my computer. But i heard ambulance voices and police cars. Today i was planning to go to Afghanistan Culture House to read some books. But because of this thing. I did not dare to set my foot outside of the house. Every 2 weeks there a suicide bomb attack in Kabul. Specially around City. But i feel very sorry for those who work and live in that areas. School students whose schools are situated in City are afraid to go to school. And even some students get injured or die in some bomb attacks. And this is the situation in capital of Afghanistan. And when the situation is like this in capital, then what kind of situation is going to be in provinces. Especially in northern provinces.

I hope and pry that the situation should change.

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