Afghan Gangs

Recently i have heard some news from my friends in school, That young boys have created gangs. Like Khakbad Gang, Baru Gang, Hamza Gang…..and so on. And they control the city. They are not united but each group control one area. Like Baru Gang control Allowodin areas. And Hamza Gang control Qalaei Wazir Streets (کوچه های قلعۀ وزیر). And if Hamza Gang find a boy which is belonged to Baru Gang they beat him too much that he should go to emergency hospital. And believe me i asked that police should arrest them. My friend said: First police are also members of the Gangs. And if they are not, they don’t have the strength to fight those boys and police are not allowed to fire on young boys. So simply they can’t. And also when fighting they carry some weapons!!!.

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