Funny Mr Bean!

For almost eight years i have enjoyed watching Mr. Bean series. Which i really enjoyed watching them. I really like the Mr. Bean character, Because it is simply not so much talking, what happens is mostly happening in actions. And i like it that way. The person that plays Mr. Bean character (Rowan Atkinson) is a very talented actor. To play this role of Mr. Bean. I have watched most of his movies, Like Johnny English and others.. Newly this year the squeal is released which is Johnny English 2. And i am waiting to see that movie very impatiently. 

Some weeks ago in middle of night i heard that Rowan Atkinson had an car accident , and I was really sad and worried about that. First when I read the news in BBC it was said that it was very serious car accident! Which the car was in high speed. The car which Rowan Atkinson was driving was a speedy race car. And the car was crashed in a tree. But luckily then i heard that he was only injured.

I am also waiting for some other new Mr. Bean series. The other great thing that Mr.Bean series did is that the animated Mr.Bean is also available for kids. Which is good. Because kids can watch the animated then the real. Mr.Bean knows their audience.  

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