A day in dreams…………( A fiction Story)

I started my day with waking up from high dreams. The most interesting part was that a boy comes to me in a dream and slaps me says wake up for school. And that really woke me up. But before that, let me reconstruct my dream scene. I was in a desert. And very unknown desert.

How i got there?

I was in a small jet blue flight, going to CAPE Town, And in middle of way there started a very high wind. And then sky begin to have dark colors. That really scared me. We were 6 hours away from our destination. Which then i begin to worry. The plane was small because it is known from its name (Jet Blue) a jet is only having 40 seats and the most 50 seats. Because it is special. I asked the crew what is wrong with the weather? they said that with this weather they will experience some problems! And i was beginning to really panic! My action made others to panic to too.!

What Happened?

Captain came in a very hurry and informed us of the very dangerous situation. I started to think what should i do when this plane is going to go down. Well i will put my self a parachute. And jump from that plane. Then plane started to move very dangerously. And suddenly the masks came out from  plane roof. And it was a panic time. Every body run for their lives!! I was trying to stand from my seat and get my parachute. But then i don’t know what happened , i don’t remember that part. Now i am trying to remember that to complete this dream. Plane was starting to lose it is engines….And i was very sure that plane is going to go down. But i got my parachute some how.

What was next?

The plane was moving down. And started to go down. And crashed!!


I was unconscious,

When i woke up from a long sleep. Plane was crashed to pieces….And the sky was very angry a very dark and reddish. And from one thing i knew, where i was, i was in Arabian Sands. The sands took me with itself. And i traveled and traveled……..

This was a fiction. Not very Personal!

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