Idea on Voyage of Christopher Columbus / 1492

I have recently been thinking of the Great Voyage that Christopher Columbus made to discover someplace named INDIA. He had direct orders from Spain King. To set a voyage to west (India) to find the treasure that hidden in that land. But then he set foot some where else (Americo later America) and the first place that he set foot was called San Salvador (Sacred Rescuer)  . Which he first thought that it was India. Because of the  red peoples (Indians). But then he realized this.

After Christopher Columbus another man with name of Americo and another man called Spochie continued journey of Columbus. And after awhile after his journey he wrote an essay on this great discovery. After him a great explorer published a book and in that book his essay was published. 1502.

If Columbus made his journey to the real land India? Would India be so much improved like USA today?

I think it is the multi-culture civilizations that made America so much improved. Because other civilizations like Spanish people, Indians, Black people, and so on……..

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