Autumn (Fall)

What is my Plans for this Autumn?

  • Photography
  • Drawing
  • Writing short stories (Fairy Tales, Adventures)
  • Some Poetry

1/Photography: I have been waiting for this Fall to come. Because Autumn is a good season for me to do some photography. Get some photos from nature.

2/Drawing: With Autumn coming my feelings for Drawing is going greater. I have all of the complete equipment’s for drawing. I will put some of my drawings in my Flickr.

3/ Writing short stories: I like Autumn season because for me it is a season of Poetry and literature. I know you guys are waiting for more adventures from me. And I will keep posting my next and further adventures with you guys.

4/Some Poetry: I don’t do poetry very recently. And when there is a feeling then I write poems. You can see an example of that. And I am a fan of Sapid poems. As I write my poems in theme and style of Sapid.

This is my plans for this Autumn. Share your plans with Me!

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