In Praise of Our Teachers

In Praise of Our Teachers

It is never enough to thank and praise our teachers for the hard work they do in shaping our lives throughout different stages.  They put all of their efforts to help us become better people tomorrow and help others in different walks of life. They don’t only teach us science, math geography and literature but also how to live, how to behave and how to interact with others. Their words today are the key to the challenges we are going to face in our lives tomorrow. Aristotle once said – Those who educate children well are more to be honored than parents, for these only gave life, those the art of living well – 

Today I would like to take this opportunity to praise our teachers and thank them for their hard work. To do so I would like to read a poem written by Julius Babarinsa.

We are all indebted to our teachers
These are the teachers who taught us
all the things we know and do today
Now you ask – who are these teachers?
Teachers are the instructors, trainers,
tutors, coaches, lecturers and professors
from the kindergarten to the university

Teachers taught us how to read and write
They explained how to search for the logic
behind every statement and argument
Teachers demonstrated to us in many ways
how to approach problems and solve them

Whenever we make mistakes and commit errors
Teachers always remind us that there is
nothing to be ashamed of because
we are still apprentices and not yet masters
Sometimes, when we are depressed
our teachers are always there to motivate
us with sweet words of encouragement

They taught us that the world we live in
is a planet which rotates and revolves
That on this planet there are two-legged,
four-legged and multi-legged creatures
That human beings belong to the two-legged
species and have many colors and languages

Our teachers taught us that one man can
make a difference in the world we live in
Men like Abraham Lincoln, Mao Tsetung,
Lenin, Mandela, Mohammad Ali and Bill Gates
Our teachers are sources of inspiration
Can we live without teachers? You decide!

Julies Babarinsa

This is the topic that I will read this Wednesday in my school Because of Teacher’ day. 

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