All I Want Is A Future For This Land!

What made me to write this post is what is deep pain in my heart! About some Afghan Children. Every time I go to city, I see innocent faces of kids who are begging for money. And some are selling plastic bags, some sell chewing gums and smokes….and some other things…When I see this it hurts me so much, and for a moment I go to thoughts and thinking. But my point is, Why? Don’t they have future? Don’t they have school rights?

Believe me I read in some new paper and it was written that they found afghan children working in streets of Greece!

A Child Employed Is A Future Destroyed. I totally agree with this motto. And it is really happening in Afghanistan. One night I was inside car and it was freezing cold. And there was a kid who was begging money from a young man. And that man slapped this kid. And that kid was sitting in ground and crying.

What is going to happen to future of these Kids?

Some times I think, If these children were studying. Someday they would have been a person to be proud of. I pry that someday I see smiling kids going to school. And living their lives.

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