A Positive Awareness!

Here is the thing that I am very happy about. That at least some awareness about global warming is printed on our books. And that is in chemistry subject. And one whole chapter is printed in name of Environmental Chemistry and some 4 pages are dedicated for Global Warming. It is very important that everyone should know about Global Warming and it’s effects on planet earth. But another important matter is that students should pay attention to it. And here is a one page talking about the effects of Global Warming :

In the last 100 years the temperature of Earth’s surface has risen by about 0.5 C. That my not seem too much, But if these temperatures rises continue, they will cause huge changes. These are just some of the predictions made by scientists studying global warming :

1/More ice in the Arctic and Antarctic will melt. This is happening already. Sea levels will rise as the ice cap melts. Low lying areas of the world will flood. Some Pacific islands will be drowned.

2/ Weather patterns will change. Some areas will suffer droughts, and crops will fail. People will starve. There will be more refugees.

3/ Other regions will have more frequent storms and floods.

4/ Mosquitoes and other insects which live in warm places will spread to new areas. Possibly carrying diseases.

The poorest countries will be least able to cope with these changes, so will suffer most. ( This is ironic since they burn least fossil fuels!)

Did you know?

Locusts are usually found in hot parts of the world like Africa. However, in the last few years, locusts have populated southern parts of Europe. Crops there have been decimated.

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