A Friday Lunch!

For those who love burger and enjoy eating burgers. Today with a fresh start. I planned to make some home made burger. Okay I will save time and tell you how to make a home made burger for three persons.

1/ Three medium burger breads.

2/ Three sausages (salami if you want)

3/ Some onion, Potato (for french fries), Tomato, Coriander, Cabbage, And Fresh peppers if you want.

4/ 3 boiled eggs.

5/ Tomato Ketchup and salt

These are the things that you need for making a home made burger.

Okay now here are the instructions for making.

1/ Put three eggs in a pot with plenty of water and put it 15 minutes in hot flame.

2/ Wash potatoes and peel the cover then wash it again and cut the potatoes for making french fries. Put the cut potatoes in a pot with plenty of oil in hot flame until it is cooked. And crispy!

3/ Take out three sausages or salami if you like. And put them in pan with a medium amount of oil and medium amount of heat until it turns red and you know….

4/ Okay, for vegetables you need to wash 2 medium tomatoes ,1 big onion, 1 medium cabbage, some coriander, and some fresh peppers if you want. Then cut all of these in shape for a burger except cabbage and coriander, because these two things need to be in complete shape.

5/ And 3 burger breads. Big if you want to have a big burger medium is normal.

Combine these and enjoy your lunch or meal. 

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