A Macaroni Friday Lunch

A Macaroni Friday Lunch
I have started cooking special lunches from last Friday which was a delicious homemade burger. But this Friday I planned to cook a Italian food or meal. Okay for 5 people you will need these things:
1/ 2 medium packet of Macaroni
2/ 1 can of kidney beans
3/ 1 can of peas
4/ 4 medium tomatoes
5/ 1 large onion
6/ 2 chicken cubes* (*small cubes of chicken flavor)
7/ Some Coriander
8/ Yogurt
First we have to boil some water if you have a big pot fill it to half if normal pot fill it to top. Then wait for 15 minutes. Till the water gets boiling we should make paste for Macaroni Peel one large onion and wash it then cut it to very small pieces then with normal amount of oil put it in a pan. When onions get a pinkish color then cut 4 tomatoes to very small pieces and put it with ready onions in that pan. Then add 1 chili and half table spoon of salt and half table spoon of pepper. After this add 2 chicken cubes and mix it. Then empty 1 can of kidney beans and 1 can of peas. And put it in low flame for about 10 minutes. Now empty 2 packets of Macaroni in that boiling water. And wait for 20 till all of the Macaroni’s get soft and able chew. After that empty the water and put the paste in the Macaroni pot. And mix it well with Macaroni for 2 minutes. For our salad you will need these things :
1/ 1 big cucumber
2/ 3 small lemons
3/ 1 medium tomato
4/ Some coriander
5/ half of a cabbage means a size of palm And slice them all and put them in design you wish. For your beverage :
You can have fizzy drink or a fruit juice that you want. But I recommend mixed berry juice. This is all enjoy your lunch.

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