Some Facts About Hasht Sawr

Some Facts About Hasht Sawr

Despite the fact that it has not been too long since the incident of hasht Sawr took place, but it has been long enough for my generation to remember and relate to, especially for those of us who are 19 and younger. Therefore I would like to share some facts about hasht sawr with you all. I will do this by giving you some important dates:

I will start from 1978 to 1992 the year in which the incident of hasht e sawr took place.

–          1978 – Afghanistan’s centrist government, headed by Pres. Mohammad Daud Khan, was overthrown by a military coup led by Nur Mohammad Taraki who became the next president of Afghanistan.

–          1979  – The former Soviet Union started supporting the communist regime in Afghanistan and sent their troops to support the government in resisting the Mujaheedin  who were against the government.

–          1989 – In 1989 after 10 years the Russian troops left Afghanistan and returned back – around 2 million people were killed during these years and 10s of millions of people were displaced from their homes to other cities and even other countries.

–          1992 – Which is equivalent to 1371 on the 8th of Sawr, the Mujaheedin who had been resisting the central government since 1978, after 13 years, took over the government in Kabul.

Since then the 8th of Sawr is marked a national holiday and is celebrated in Kabul with a military exhibition.

For Some More Facts Visit This link : Saur Revolution 

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