~Living Through Change~

~Living through change~

All my life I have been searching,
For a miracle…For a change,
Unaware of a simple thing,
That the change is not something to be waited for,
It just comes,
For it exists within me,
For, I will know when it comes.

I know it not,
But this very time is changing, now.
Destinations are never set,
For the time and the change I make, determine a destination.

I listen to my heart,
I see through the eyes of my heart.
All I see is beauty.

I enjoy this very moment.
I see, not the darkness of the night,
But the beauty of the stars, that twinkle up above.
I hear, not the gunshots,
But the sounds of the birds singing and the rivers flowing.

Live the moments,
Get hold of memories,
For they are important part my life,
For they make me smile.

Appreciate, the blessings,
Forgive, the weaknesses,
Love, without expectations,
Hope, despite failures;
Believe, in all that keeps me going…
Then only, shall the real change come to existence.
Then only, shall I experience true happiness.

Find the will to be happy,
I promise,
You will be…Happy.

Thanks to S.Karimi for her great work in editing and adding meanings to the poem. the original poem is in this link: Living in Emotions

For better feelings (recommended) listen to this theme song while reading : (Swan Lake Part I)

2 thoughts on “~Living Through Change~

  1. OMG! I have been looking for this symphony everywhere, that’s cuz i didnt know it’s name. I love it sooooo much!

    I hope these feelings of yours last forever, because i sure miss them, they do come to me somwtimes though, but growing up takes away so much good.

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