A traditional Friday Lunch

This Friday I was planning to give you guys an Afghani traditional food recipe. And here it is. The name is Bolani. And it is very tasty and yummy. And here is what you need :

1/ 3 big bunch a kind of leek. (which will be shown in photograph 1)

2/ 1 big bunch of Coriander

3/ wheat flour for making dough

4/ 3small chili

5/ Garlic and onion

First you have to clean all of the leeks. And wash them several and many several times to be sure that it is clean. Then cut them all to pieces very small. Then cut all of the coriander into small pieces. Then wash it. Then mix it with leaks. Then clean some Garlic and onions and put them in a pan to fry them a bit. And then mix it with leeks. You are done with making leeks ready. Next Step!

Add 1/5 Kg of what flour in a pot and with some water mix it. And simply add some salt about 1 table spoon. You are done with dough, but make sure to mix it really well. Next step!

You have to make some balls of dough. And make sure they are all equal size. Then take one of those balls and make them flat. Really fat until it is very thin. Then put some oil in a pan until it gets heated. Now you have to fill that thin dough with leeks and folded. Then put it in that pan and fry it until it is completely cooked. Now you have made one, but be sure that you should not overcook it. Next step!

The important thing that makes Bolani’s delicious is Chakni (a paste of tommato,garlic,chilies, lemon) Mix them all and you are done.

If you don’t like chakni you should try it with fresh yogurt. You are done and enjoy this meal.

  • Thanks to R.Zeerak and S.Eqbal Zeerak for helping and making this delicious meal of the day 

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