French Special Dessert

One of many special desserts that I have ever eaten! It is called Crepe. And it is originally French dessert. Okay here is the recipe.

Maximum Time For Making : 20 Minutes

What you need for making Batter:

1/ Flour – One Cup

2/ Milk – One Cup

3/Butter – Two Table Spoon

4/ Eggs – Two

5/ Salt – A tiny pinch

What you need for filling :

1/ Banana

2/ Nutella 

Finishing / Decoration

1/ Cream

2/ Nutella

Next Step!

How to make Batter. Mix all of the above ingredients for batter very well in a pot. And then it is ready. Then pour some of those in a pan with medium heat. And wait until it is ready to be filled with some fillings. I mean when it turned a little bit yellowish . ( Which will be shown in Photograph 1)

Next Step!

Filling is an easy part. All you have to do is cut banana to pieces and mix with cream. Then put it some of the banana filling on the ready batter. And after that pour some Nutella. And then roll the batter (Crepe)

Next Step!

The most easy part is decorations. And you can do it the way you like it, with cream and Nutella.

That is it! Enjoy your Dessert / Breakfast.

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