Some Facts About My Room

The things that I like about my room is :

1/ It is located in a corner area, out of sight.

2/ During the day it have a good view

3/ During the day my room have full light and is located in a place that is in front of sun which no other room has that much sun.

4/ My room have lots of shelf’s for books, Accessories, Cloths, Toys, other things.

5/ I am a lot comfortable in my room than in living room.

Some Facts about better changes to my room In Future!

1/ I am running out of space. And my room is a bit small for the things that I have!

2/ And my problem. I should Keep it clean. And out of Mess!

4 thoughts on “Some Facts About My Room

  1. It looks like there is no way to add more space to your room other than giving away some of your old stuff to charity or something 🙂

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