Rap And Rock Music In Afghanistan

I am so happy and proud to say this that we people have at least a Rapper and Rock Bands.

The famous Rock Band was founded in 2008 By the name of Kabul Dreams recently they have released a new song by the name of Chil -Morghak (40 Chickens). The Chil-Morghak is originally a traditional tale. And the song is composed by the famous singer Farhad Darya

You can find their music videos in their official Youtube channel  : KabulDreams

Here is their new video : Chil-Morghak

Other Rock band that I have seen is by the name of White Birds.

The Rapper name is DJ-Besho real name (Beshan Jan Kunduzi). And he is quite excellent with rapping….He is rapping in Dari (Persian)

He also have released a new single by the name of GAP (Talk). Which was also composed by Farhad Darya.

Here is the music video of GAP (Talk) :

For more information on Afghanistan Music visit this link : Afghan Music

4 thoughts on “Rap And Rock Music In Afghanistan

  1. loooooooooooool
    very nice,
    you are doing very well dear esmatolah
    new blogging course in afghan cultural house is started today we passed the first day
    wish your best

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