Being An Experienced Blogger

Yesterday, I was feeling so proud and experienced, I was asked to be a guest speaker in a Blogging Class. I shared my thoughts and ideas for how to maintain a great blog. I said words about how to blog, how to get ideas, how to choose themes and designs, how to find readers and other things……..

Reasons for you to blog……..

1/ By blogging you will improve your writing skills.

2/ By blogging you will have more ideas of creativity.

3/ By blogging you will find more friends.

4/ By blogging you will get experienced  about internet Tech

5/ By blogging you will make money. Some bloggers put Google Ad-scene and make. (well I don’t like ads)

6/ Blogging is a communication tool and…

7/ Blogging is fun to do

8/ Blogging will make you more “Famous” and more people will know you..

9/ Blogging is good thing, than being lazy and not doing anything..

10/ If you become an experienced or famous blogger you can work as a blogger and make your living..

I think this should give you enough reasons to blog. Then Happy Blogging  🙂

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