Cutting Trees Is A Crime

It is for sure that world is improving day by day, But how is the world  going to survive by most of the things that we do.

Yesterday I saw two trees that were cut off. And it was very late that I reached there to say stop it. It was when I was a sleep.
I was kind of why?

But they said: It is because that those two trees were blocking sun and taking more food from soil, leaving nothing to small plants. I said okay.

But from my opinion those trees were not useless , And you have no right to do that thing to trees in your own property or public. It is a crime and have fines.

No matter how much world is facing problems and threats like Global Warming and climate change. We still don’t care about it!

For those who read this never try to cut trees or harm it in any way. Because it is we that can make difference and help world to become stable and remove dangerous threats from way. Each One Of You have role in this!

4 thoughts on “Cutting Trees Is A Crime

  1. Dear Esmat jan,
    I am so proud for your command, this time I could justify that the trees that been cutted was not in praper plan, and you know I am so eager to support your colobal worming concept and you know I have a good backround of Education and saving enviroment, and alread planned and planted many suppling to improve a better enviroment in our home yard, and I did have plan to plan trees and develope vegetation,
    I am sorry that I did not discuss with you before cutting the backyard trees

  2. Those two trees I dont know how big they were, but they must have been offsetting some amount of greenhouse gases from the environment. Now enough trees must be planted to replace those two.
    btw see how sleep is doing harm to the environment?!

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