Analyzing an educational year

This year really passed quite and very fast. Governmental school and private school have to term exam’s one is when 4 month of studies is passed. Then is second term exam is final term exam and is mostly in end’s of November or start of December. After the first term exam there have been not so much of study at all. In all of my education background I never experienced this much day’s off.

Let me list the occasions that day’s were off (After midterm term exams&Before midterm exams) :

1/Because the midterm Exams were finished (15 day off)

2/Because of fasting (1 day off)

3/ Because of Eid-ul- Fitr (1 week)

4/ Because of Eid-Qurban (1 week)

5/ Because of Loya-Jirga (The Great Debate)-(1 week)

6/ Because of Independence day (2 day)

7/ The New year’s eve (2 day)

8/ Maolood Sharif مولود شریف  (a  day off)

9/ Anniversary of Ahmad Shah Massod and other nation fighters  (1 day off)

10/ Labor’s day, 1 day off (not sure if it was off)

11/ Assassination of Rabani (1 week off)

And even there is more. And now the final term exams are near. And after that one educational year is over. And I  have a lot of other plans to work on. Including learning French Language (French Cultural House), HTML, X HTML, CSS (which i have books of them and a good friend Omid Haqbin to learn with)

3 thoughts on “Analyzing an educational year

  1. Except these day’s off if you try to calculate the total number of minutes that you purely spend in learning something at your school the answer will amaze you 🙂

    For me the result was 4 days or (96 hours) in a complete year.

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