A view on my Favorite Browser

Google Chrome,  Yes it is. One of the Google’s best product. It is the most convenient  and easy to use browser. With a lot of cool features and amazing performance. It was originally released in September-2008. But I myself have been introduced to it in fall of 2009.
Some amazing features :

1/ It is fast and swift

2/ It has lot of different (free) themes,

….unlike other browsers the themes are specially designed by professional Artists and Google too.

3/ The security is improved

……with incognito mode, you can browse out of site (no recording history with this mode)

4/ Easy options

….the options are very easy to use

5/ Cool Extensions..

….Google web-store have a lot of cool stuff, including amazing Apps like : Games, Software’s, Themes, Gadgets….and a lot more cool stuff.

6/ It is light

…..no weight on your computer

7/ Recommended for Professionals..

I personally recommend this browser for Artist’s, Web-Designers, Geeks and other normal person’s

8/ Improved HTML/Java-script

…..It is loading very heavy and modern Web-sites (that are using HTML 5 with CSS 3) very fast and swiftly..

And it is fun to use with ease. So yeah if you want real web-browser then use Google Chrome. 

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