Some Tips For Better Blogging

When you plan or decided to start you very own blog. And I know how you want to look cool and pro inside your friends and world wide community of blogging. So for that you need some tips from me, as I have some quite experience in blogging. Specially in Word

Here is some quick tips from me :

1/ Chose a blogging platform..

Nowadays there is a lot of blogging platform. But it is best to know something before you chose one. Famous blogging platforms are like : Word Press, Blogger(Google), Type-Pad. From my mind Word Press is the best blogging platform and it is free with space of 3 GB. The platform is very powerful and is easy to use. It have a lot of free themes with also Premium themes. Blogger is good too it is powered by Google. Inc . It is also free and it comes with free space of 1 GB. It also have cool themes to use. But not so much that Word Press have great and awesome themes. The third one is Type-Pad. It is a good blogging platform but an expensive plan to chose (Basic is about 8$/month). But it also have great options with that. You can use your own domain, a lot of space and more…But it also comes with Micro Blogging which that plan is free. Whatever you chose, but be sure to feel comfortable to use it. I personally recommend you guy’s Word Press.

2/ Chose a great title…..

…many people when they start blogging and when they reach sign-up part they quickly run out of ideas to how to chose a title. It is correct. I was like that but after moment’s of time for my self I thought over it. And find the correct title (Akidwithgreatambition). A title is presenting most of your blog’s idea. Like chose a title that is some how matching to what you are going to post in your blog. If you have not decided to chose a title. Then don’t do it quickly or panic in making a title. Just give your self some time think over it and then chose a great title. But don’t worry you can also change it later in option’s of your blog.

3/ Chose a special URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

URL is very important for a blog. You must chose something that is short,easy, and good. You can also change it later. But once you changed you will lose some audience. You must let them know of your new URL so that they know your new URL. You can also chose a custom domain name for it. Like my blog domain But it costs some money,But it is easy. Domain names are : .org .com .net .me .biz .info and others…..

3/ Chose a Design (Themes)..

Now this is a fun part. And important too. Themes is showing creativity of your self, how much is blogย valuable , and also your writing theme. For fun things fun themes for serious things serious themes and so on. But be sure to chose a theme that is awesome (HTML5 or CSS 3). In many blogging platforms you can also edit a theme to match more with your blog topic it is called Custom CSS . I have worked too much on my blog design and I feel quite good with it. There is hundreds of colorful themes to personalize your blog. But remember you can also customize your theme with Custom CSS and amazing fonts.

4/ Work on your content rather than design…

The reason why some of the blogs that are famous is because of their great content. I mean it is mostly about their great content that people visit their blog. I am not saying that theme and design is not important but it is important but when you are done with design work more on your content and writing skills, to keep readers alive.

5/ Find readers ….

The most easy way to find readers is finding another bloggers. And one easy way for that is commenting on other blogs. Just visit some great blogs and left a line in their about page or in their latest post. Say that their blog is great or something like awesome and say to visit your blog too. See now you have got attention of one blogger. Do this and you will find blogger friends too. Another way is to socialize your blog with social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Myspace and so on….

6/ Reading Manuals..

…To start blogging very super-awesome and extra professional you need to read extra manuals that are provided with your blogging platform. Like Word Press have it’s own blog and a very simple manual. Other blogs have manuals too. Take a 30 minute or 1 hour to read manuals and then you are awesome. Because you learn a lot from them.

7/ Post regularly…

Chose your pace, like how much you want to post in a week. Many successful bloggers post everyday and even they post 2 or 3 articles a day. But do what your comfortable. At least to keep your readers alive, post 3 articles in one week.

This is a very quick tips from me. But you can research more and read more about guides, manuals, tips, hints….etc

Hope this will help you guys a bit.

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