The New Design, A Great Evolution

You must have seen a great changes in design and other small changes by now.

Let me explain and list the important changes :

1/ Fonts : You must have also seen changes in Fonts. The font in the header is : FF Prater Block / And the font in posts title is Fertigo Pro Script / And the  body font is Museo Slab.

2/ Pages : There is 4 new pages with different templates used, and for different purposes. 4 pages are : About, Find Your Way On This Blog , Archive, Years In Timeline.

3/ Great widgets : Some New Widgets

4/A lot of Post Formats: This design have a lot of post formats.

  • Standard
  • Image
  • Link
  • Quote
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Aside
  • Gallery
  • Statues

These were the important features and changes. And at last I want to thank my brother J.Zeerak for this design. I appreciate it.

Update: 27 November 2011/ A new page is release under About page then under the Biography of Esmat Zeerak which is called Achievements .  Achievements page is that it keeps a track of my Achievements during my lifetime. Hope you like it :]

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