What Keeps A Blogger Motivated

Yes, I got another award which is Verstile Blogger Award. You might have noticed it in the sidebar by now. What really keeps a blogger motivated is getting awards and gifts from blog-sphere society, or from another blogger. This is what makes you to blog more and write more. And you know that you have readers that appreciate your work. Of-course when I got this award I really knew that my work is appreciated and I have readers.

There is a lot of things that keeps a blogger motivated. Commenting, Readers, Awards, ……etc

And I really appreciate other peoples that appreciate my work. Thanks again to my friend for presenting me with this award. I really appreciate it.

A great thing and a fun thing about blogging is that you will create a blogging community or blog-sphere  it can be your friends , it can be your classmates, it can be your family members and anyone else….

It is really fun having a community of people with you on blogging. Without a community of blogging it is very hard to find any other bloggers. From this saying it shows that blog-sphere is very important and necessary for bloggers. Actually I think that blogging is a city and blog-sphere is a map that you have. And with that you can find your way to other parts of city. And imagine if you are a newcomer to a city and your map is lost how you will find your way back.

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