Reasons to subscribe to Akidwithgreatambition Blog

There is so much reasons to subscribe to my blog. But I will make some important points and make them short.

Here is some reasons to subscribe to my blog:

1/ You will get the best information about Travel in Afghanistan

2/ You will know the feelings of an Afghan Kid

3/ You will get reviews about Blogging Tips

4/ You will get recently updates from RSS readers or email so you don’t miss any new posts

5/ I write the content: I don’t copy content from some where else and just paste it here. I edit it and review it before publishing

6/ You will get updates for my new stories like: writing with fountain pen

7/ You will get no spam or trash. It is only the quality content that I write.

8/ You will know important points about Afghanistan 

9/ I share my thoughts about Global Warming and climate change

I hope this will be enough reasons to subscribe to my blog. There is two different ways to subscribe to my blog.

1/ RSS (Really Simple Syndication): If you have a reader, like Google Reader you will only have to past this link , or visit this link .



2/ Email subscription : I prefer this option and it is easy too. You will receive my new posts by email. You can subscribe to email subscription in my sidebar : Email Subscription , or visit this link.

Email Subscription

Email Subscription

And thank you for being my subscriber.

3 thoughts on “Reasons to subscribe to Akidwithgreatambition Blog

  1. Hello,

    I received an email from Blogger asking me to look at your site. I was looking for people who are interested in fountain pens. I subscribed because I found your site really interesting. I am from Southern California on the west coast of the United States. Not to far from Los Angeles. I am writing this at 8:06 December 20. I looked up your time and it said it was 8:39 am on the 21. You are probably at school. I am off to bed and I hope you have a good day at school. I will keep watching in anticipation for what you will write next. Take care my friend.

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