A story of Paper

Nowadays you see paper everywhere and very easily and it is very cheap. Simple notebooks have hundred sheets of paper. Now paper comes in different qualities and quantities by different styles and different layouts…..and by different companies. But back in the day it was not like this much easy to find a piece of paper. It was very hard and inaccessible. When my father was young and in 3rd grade. He used to go miles and miles for a piece of paper in my hometown.  Believe me it was like this. He says to me, and at first it was hard for me to believe that for a single sheet of paper he had to go to a different district. But it was like this.

Now look probably there is hundreds sheets of paper around you right now, that you are reading this. My father and few others planned their trip to the market whenever they needed paper, only a single sheet of paper. And they traded that single sheet of paper for wheat and barley. They used that single sheet of paper hundreds of times, when their paper was full they used eraser and cleaned all and then again they would write on it. Years ago and years ago paper was very precious and hard to find. But now look you will buy a notebook for at least 2$ only.

Paper is precious

Paper is precious

From single sheet of paper comes big ideas. It was the paper that scientists invented new things. They used paper for different purposes and so we can use paper for different purposes. And with this opportunity we must try harder to invent new things.

Also I would like to discuss about how to use paper  efficiently and very useful and not to waste it.

Paper comes from trees which people cut them. Trees use photosynthesis to create food and that absorbs carbon dioxide, and when the  tree is cut off then there will be no be no tree to absorb that amount  of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide or Co2 is one of the main reasons for Global Warming or Climate Change. And Global Warming is the biggest challenge that the world have.

There is a lot of reasons for Global Warming. But the important point is that we can control them by our daily activities.

So you know the connection from Paper to Global Warming. So please don’t waste paper it doesn’t means that it is cheap so we have to waste it. Maybe the one that can’t afford it might need it. And you know the deal with paper and Global Warming. So save world by not wasting paper. Everyone have role in this Global Warming thing.

Whenever paper is useless save it in a box then send it to a recycling company to recycle it and make it another notebook. This is another way.

And I don’t know what the future of papers holds, but scientists are trying to make more efficient ways of making paper. And I encourage that.

And at last Paper is PRECIOUS!

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