Calmness&Local Music



How much to be calm about? But you know it is about environment you live in. Afghanistan’s environment is not  about calmness it is about the war and force talking mostly. You never see a shopkeeper with a very real smile and enjoyment. Specially in Kabul that I live in, some people never know the real matter of calmness. Whenever you go to city there is so much noise and actually noise pollution, loud music and people shouting. It was not like this decades ago. But what do you know? The real music is destroyed. That was very local and classic. All you hear outside is some fast rock music or a typical Indian music. Afghanistan have lost a great fortune.

People don’t know what to say, but somehow they accept it. Whenever I go to some wedding party they pull the brain out of my head. It is very uncomfortable and crazy. I real want that classic old music. Because I have never really tasted the kind of real music. The people from the past say it was a great music in that time. But again who knows what happened to our beloved music? Afghanistan’s music artists I mean the real music Artists not the everyone of them. Like : Ustad Sarahang, Saraban, Nashenas, Ahmad Zahir and others. They were the real masters of classic music in Afghanistan. I am not saying that other music artists in Afghanistan don’t know the real music. No some of them don’t know. And they are trying to change the real music that Afghanistan have. And people must be aware of that thing.


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