2012&2011&Further Blogging

Once again a Happy New Year from my side to all of my blog readers , fans, and any body else. Hope that this new year brings good things to your life.

And as Akidwithgreatambition blog, I will try to bring more analysis about Afghanistan and it’s culture, arts and other things relating to Afghanistan. And of-course blogging tips.

July, 2011 was the year that I started blogging and I have seen improvements in blog, not only my blog but also myself. It has been the most creative year of my life. I think of blogging very differently, and I think it as a something very important and necessary for every person living in this planet earth.

And as  part of achievements, in 2011 I have achieved so many things through my blogging, I am grateful for that. And I am grateful for those who gave me this opportunity ( lifetime). So I am going to list some important achievements that I earned in 2011 through my blogging:

1/ I got certificate for blogging from Afghan Culture House

2/ Been as a guest speaker for blogging in Afghan Culture House (For TWO times)

3/ Got an online award (Liebester)

4/ Got another online award ( Varstile)

And yes it was a great year for me. And I hope that It was for you like this. So basically 2011 was great and successful for me.

I also think of 2012 as a great year. Because from the start of it, it seems great to me. In 2012 I will try to publish more of my adventure stories. I know what you think write now , that I promised you the writing with fountain pen part V (5). And yes I am standing on my word and I am working on it. It is like 40% complete. And it will be the greatest adventure believe me.

So wait for it, as I am working on it.And at last I am thankful and grateful to all of you. For encouraging me and giving the most wonderful opportunities.

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