How social networking websites……

When networking is real then it is great and helping, but when networking is not real and fake then it is destroying things. Nowadays  internet have too much fake online social networking websites. I don’t want to mean that it is not helping always. Yes it does, But sometimes it ruins many life. Many young people I know are addicted to online social networks. And I have seen many negative changes in them.

Social networking is real when people interact with other people very live. And you can control it that way. Because you can keep unwanted people from your life very away. But some times and some people in many online social networking websites is interacting with many people that they even don’t know who are they. My friendly advice to them in this part is that be careful with your online identity. And it is very dangerous as your life presence. Some people might think that online identity is not important or not dangerous. And I am going to correct that point  it is damn serious and very important.

People must always use from things in a positive way. Anyways, online social networking websites makes things easy for people. Because it was times that we were sending letters in a piece of paper and it was going to reach that place in about a week or longer than that. But now I am going to update my statues in Facebook that I am blogging and everyone will know. It is so easy and so cheap and without a single difficulty. But people must be really thankful to all of this to internet. Because without internet there will be no single social networking websites or even email.

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