I don’t like SOPA/PIPA !

Wikipedia had a blackout for 24 hours complete for an US legislation that is called SOPA/PIPA. That if that law passes it will damage the open and free internet.

I will let other internet sources alone but I am really concerned about Wikipedia and it’s sister projects or all of it that is Wikimedia. Because many people from around the world have worked on Wikipedia thousands of hours to make the most completed and updated encyclopedia in human history. It is truly the best knowledge source. And in many different languages from around the world. All for free! And they are keeping it free with no ads.

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia that anyone on the web can edit. So you know you are getting the best possible information about anything.

Note: When you edit a page then it will be reviewed and then it will be published.

I think that Wikipedia is the best thing that is happened to internet today. And now you think is it fair to close Wikipedia? do you?

I don’t think  it is not fair to those people which spent hundreds of hours to write creative articles for many people around the world.

There is a lot of example for how Wikipedia is useful :

A college student which is in search of information must buy very expensive textbooks. That is very heavy for them in economic way. But they can get the best possible information for free from Wikipedia. And which is the most updated.

Image representing Wikipedia as depicted in Cr...


And other Wikimedia is a rich information source. It is including Quotes, Images, Videos and more and more free stuff for knowledge.

And one part is Kids part which is colorful and interesting to read. Still do you think is it fair to close Wikipedia or Wikimedia.

I am sure I have convinced you. So please stop SOPA/PIPA !

Supersedes file:Wikimedia.png — Compare: 40px 40px


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