Diary of wimpy kid – First & Second Movie

Recently I have watched Diary of wimpy kid second movie (Rodrick Rules) and here I am, I am going to write a review about it .

Diary of wimpy kid – Rodrick Rules came last year ( April-2011) officially. But it is weird that I watched it now. Because  for new movies I will have to wait like 1 year or 2 year. Some movies come early like Fast Five. And some movies will come late. Of-course this is only for Afghanistan. And for sure there is no original movies. They are all pirated! For those of you which have’nt watched the first movie too. You must watch! And I will tell you it will not be disappointing. It is hilarious and extremely funny. I also have read the complete set of Diary of wimpy kid books too.  Which I thank two persons for that. For sending and bringing me the books.

Back to review :

Diary of wimpy kid first movie :

It starts with a very funny part :

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (film)

Diary of Wimpy Kid First Movie

Greg (Zachary Gordon) is a 6 grade student of Westmore school. His brother Rodrick is very annoying for him. And also his little brother Manny. They are both annoying to Greg. One day, his brother Rodrick wakes him up in the 4 o’clock in the morning, and says to him he is late for his school. Which is of course fake and not true. He faces many challenges and friendship challenges in this movie. But in the very funny ways. He also have a best friend called Rowly. And I will not tell any more of it. Because if I tell you the whole movie, the true taste of it will be over. So I will let you guys to discover the movie by yourselves.

Diary of wimpy kid second movie :

I liked the first one very much. And it was way more funny than this second part. But I also like this one too. It also have extreme funny parts. In this second part of the movie. Greg is extremely under pressure from his brothers. Manny from one side and Rodrick from one side.

Diary of a wimpy kid second movie
I recommend both of the movies. And from my side the rating for both of the movies is : 4 stars **** from 5 *****stars.

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